Evaluate 3 – Self Reflection

Artifact: Submit evidence of reflection on your individual teaching abilities. Include artifacts, evaluation feedback, your own reflections, e-portfolio links, professional growth plans and anything else that showcases introspection into strengths and weaknesses as an online educator and document all in your individual blog.

This was the professional goals that I set for the previous school year based upon testing scores of the prior year and our school’s improvement plan. I was moved to high school after teaching middle school for several years. As it was my first year, I was not as familiar with the content. This was one of my weaknesses when teaching that I wanted to focus on so that I could better serve my students. I also wanted to focus on using PBIS language since it is a state-initiative. Specifically, I wanted to increase the usage of PBIS language verbally with students. I wanted to focus on this so that it became a habit. I completed these goals satisfactorily. 

Professional Goals

This is the feedback I received from my administrators on my summative evaluation. Teaching was not my first career choice, but I feel that I am an effective teacher.  My biggest strengths are organization and tenacity. I am known at my school for my skills in creating documents and forms in a record-amount of time. I also happen to be an engaging presenter and facilitator. 

Evaluate 1

Evaluate 2


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