Evaluate 3 – Personalized Teaching and Learning

Artifact: Provide sample data from student results for a course within your field. The data can be entirely theoretical and written out in text form.

Create: Examine your sample student performance data. Create an action plan that you would implement in your classroom to personalize teaching and learning.  Provide both a class and individual approach in your plan.

Answer:  How could the data be referenced to identify the needs of each student? How could the settings of the LMS be used to create personalized learning paths? How would this data change your teaching plan? How could it help with remediation or enrichment, etc.?


Biology Pre-Test Results Action Plan-

Class: Limit questions to 30 minimum and maximum. Provide review of questions. This will allow students to become more familiar before delving into the content. 

Individuals:  Provide reference material to students scoring below 70%. Use flexible groupings to provide remediation and acceleration. Meet with those groups separately through online discussions and virtual meetings. LMS settings could be manipulated to shield further content until current content is mastered. With this particular LMS, remediation occurs automatically. A drop-down level is created and the student must pass this level before proceeding with the original content. This allows the students to receive the background information needed to understand current concepts. 

This is a pretest for my Biology class that gave me a heads-up on how familiar students were with the upcoming content. I knew that Student #1 could possibly be a great peer tutor as he/she scored the highest. I continued to see that pattern continue with subsequent quizzes.  In the traditional classroom, I also allowed students who mastered concepts to choose alternate assignments of their choosing. 


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