Evaluate 1 – Formative Assessments

Reflect: Consider the best means of developing and delivering assessments, projects, and assignments that meet standards-based learning goals and assess learning progress by measuring student achievement of learning goals.

Answer: How might a teacher employ ways to formatively assess student readiness for course content and method of delivery?

Artifact: To demonstrate this, create a formative assessment related to a learning standard. Post a link to the assessment or activity in your blog. Explain.

Biology- Evolution Kahoot!

Kahoot Screenshot

The above Kahoot! is one I created for my actual classroom. The subject is Biology and the standard it covered was SB5.

SB5: Students will evaluate the role of natural selection in the development of the theory of evolution.

It contains only five questions and gave me a good idea of what content my students struggled with. I was able to review those concepts for clarification.  Formative assessments take place DURING the instructional process to verify that learning is successful. Formative assessments can be visual displays, discussion posts, oral presentations, and a variety of other ways. Answers are displayed, so that self-assessment can occur. I am able to gather insight into what concepts may need to be readdressed based upon student responses or adjust my lesson plans.  If I see the majority of students missed a question, I will need to address that concept or element again. All formative assessments provide valuable information that allow educators to plan and group accordingly. 


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