Create 4 – Learning Object Authoring Tools

Research: Based on an understanding of learning object authoring tools, locate two learning object authoring tools (free or fee-based).  Link to the tools in your blog.

Answer: How might each tool be used in an online classroom? What features should an online teacher look for in a learning object tool?

  1. Virtual Labs– This website has several selections for free math and science interactives. It is produced by the University of Colorado. I like this website since it allows students to put into action content they read and watch. It also allows them to manipulate the interactives which I think is an important part of analyzing. 
  2. EdPuzzle– EdPuzzle allows videos to be assigned to students. It offers formative assessment during the video to include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and constructed response. One downfall is that the link may sometimes be blocked by school servers. 

I think it is important for learning object tools to offer variety to students as well being easily accessible. 


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