Create 4 – Build Portable Learning Objects

Create:Using your lesson topic, build two high quality, reusable learning objects.

Artifact: Link to the two high quality, reusable learning objects build by you.

Answer:What is the intended use of your learning objects?  How might the objects be used in an online or blended classroom?

  1. Mitosis Drag and Drop -This was built using Google Drawings. A copy can be sent to each student for them to complete. The idea is to label the diagram using the drag and drop method. The digital curriculum that I helped to review used drag and drop activities regularly.  This would indicate that students remember the phases of mitosis and what occurs during each phase. At first glance, it may seem to be a simple activity, but students will need to analyze the drawing to determine what is occurring. 
  2. Meiosis/Mitosis Matching – I used the template at to create the flashcards. This allows students to practice discerning the differences between mitosis and meiosis. It can be used as a study guide in any type of classroom. 

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