Create 4 – Aggregating Lesson Material

Research: As discussed throughout the quest, collecting or curating learning objects, resources, and learning material enriches the e-learning environment. Research and identify two tools that can be used to aggregate and present learning material, other than the two mentioned in the lesson. Link to the two tools in your blog.

Answer: Thinking about instructional design, how does each tool benefit the learner by aggregating and presenting material in a cohesive manner? Are there drawbacks to the tools you researched?

  1. Nearpod – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Nearpod is a great resource!” It is expensive, but I love that it combines presentation with formative assessments and other media. For traditional classrooms, this is sure to increase engagement since students have to complete activities DURING the presentation. I could see this being overwhelming to struggling students, but the cohesiveness of having everything in one place is a huge benefit. Here is a video of how it could be used:
  2. Google Sites – Google Sites is obviously a limb of Google Apps. I used it to create an engaging activity for this class that I can also use with my students. I think it would be create a site for each unit I teach. It is free, simple to use, and a variety of media can be incorporated. Obviously, it can be set-up to be self-directed. 



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