Create 3 – Fair Use and TEACH Act

Answer: How might an online or blended classroom teacher use Fair Use when gathering resources for educational purposes? What observations have you made about Fair Use and the TEACH Act and how has it changed your approach to finding reliable content for your students?

Any teacher, regardless of online or traditional classroom, must keep four factors in mind when gathering resources for educational purposes. First, purpose should be educational in manner and may not be used commercially. Next, material may not be used in whole, but rather portions may be extracted. Copying an entire textbook is not allowed, but copying two pages for use with a lesson is allowed. Then, teachers must consider the effect of using the material. You cannot deprive the original author of any type of income. Lastly, teachers must consider the nature of the work. Is it commercially produced for the education market? These are things to consider for Fair Use. 

Fair Use impacts everyone while the TEACH Act applies specifically to educators. The TEACH Act applies to any accredited non-profit institution. Transmissions of copyrighted materials must be limited to students enrolled in the courses. For traditional classroom use, following Fair Use practices is sufficient. For online classrooms, the TEACH Act will need to be referenced for specific uses. 

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