Create 2 – Web Tools for Differentiation of Student Assessment

Create: Using your lesson topic, create an assessment that allows students to produce a summative assessment product using web tools. Isolate one web tool that aligns with differentiation and student assessment. Post the tool to your blog. Create detailed instructions explaining to students the assessment requirements. Then, create a sample product that uses the web tool to guide your students.

Artifact: Link to the sample product in your blog.

Answer:  How do you plan to use the tool effectively with students? How does the tool differentiate the assessment? Explain.

Cellular Reproduction Page

I created a webpage that followed a format similar to that of a webquest. I kept it fairly simple since it was my first time trying out Google Sites. I can see using Google Sites in my own classroom. I didn’t realize how easy it would be to create a page. I’m thinking I could do that for future use. I wanted to have students be able to use it with little to no guidance from the teacher. On the page, I directed students to create tasks to become even more familiar with cellular reproduction. As they completed the tasks, they took notes using Google Keep. Lastly, they had to create a product of their choice that demonstrated their understanding on the lesson. I kept the rubric focused on content-specific items. This is a great example of differentiation. Instead of sampling a finished product, I used an incomplete product. It was visually appealing, but missing vital information. I wanted to show students that something can be pretty, but not functional. 


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