Create 2 – Explore Web Tools

Research – Find five instructional web tools that offer a variety of opportunities for learners.  Link to each web tool considered in your blog.

Answer – What is the intended use for each tool? How might you use each tool in online teaching? How might a student use the tool? Is there a cost associated with the tool?

  1. Nearpod– This is an interactive presentation. You can include videos, questions, virtual field trips, and other items. There is a free account available to teachers. I learned about it in a professional development class. Our technology guru was exploring buying it district-wide. I truly thought it was another education gimmick until I was able to view what I could do. Think about a combination of PowerPoint, YouTube, and Kahoot!  This is similar to that. There is a free account for a single user.  
  2. Google Keep– I am including this arm of Google since I have just discovered it. It has made my life so much easier. It is a note-taking app that is capable of having photos inserted, checklists created, and drawings stored. Notes can be shared with others. I am already brainstorming the ways I can use this in my classroom. The downside is that there is no editing tools. It has replaced my use of Evernote. It is free with a Google account. I could see using this as a note-taking tools for students that could be shared with me. 
  3. Reddit– Reddit is a website of forums that are about every topic you can think of. Of course, not all topics are appropriate, but we encounter that with any social media platform. There are several forums specifically for teachers where you can ask for assistance and have teachers and laymen respond. There is also a forum for AMA (Ask Me Anything). I particularly like AMAs since it is a chance to interact with scientists, engineers, producers, politicians, etc.  As part of the AMA, the individual has to prove their identity. Moderators closely monitor AMAs to keep it clean and on-topic. Reddit is a good resource for teachers, but I would encourage you NOT to engage it at school.  It is free. 
  4. KidBlog– This is a resource I used in previous classes. I liked it since the format was easy for students to grasp and they couldn’t escape off to other topics. It allowed them to become familiar with blog and forum type resources without being overwhelmed. If there were no blog-type functions on the LMS, I would use this resource. There is a free account as well as a teacher premium that is $44 yearly. 
  5. Book Creator– Originally an Apple App, Book Creator will soon be available on other platforms. Cost is not apparent. Again, I am familiar with this app due to our study and experience with it during a professional development class. I like that fact that it creates an actual product that could be sold in stores. I’d like to encourage students to become entrepreneurs at a young age. I believe this would result in more buy-in of their education. I am excited to see the new update and cost. 

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