Create 1 – Explore Time Management Tools

Research: Link to five time management tools in your blog. Briefly describe each tool’s use and relevance to the online world.

Answer: How is each tool used? Would the tool be most helpful in a personal or professional setting, or both? Explain.

  1. – Can be used for task management or education purposes. It is able to be published on the website or your personal website. It is effective in making sure you complete your goals. 
  2. Toggl – Allows you to track where your time is spent. You are able to report how much time/effort a project costs. You are also able to predict how long it may take students to complete a task. This is more for a professional approach. 
  3. Remember the Milk – Works with Apple and other products. Ask Siri to add tasks to complete to your personal Remember the Milk list. This could be used for personal and professional use. 
  4. OneNote– This is a note-taking app that allows you to categorize material in folders. It would be very helpful for research purposes. Students could also make use of it for educational purposes. 
  5. Stay Focused– This is an add-on for Chrome browsers that blocks out particular websites to avoid temptation for time mismanagement. This would be very helpful for students to use when engaged in learning. 

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