Create 1 – Appearance

Research: Find ten instructional websites that offer a variety of opportunities for learners.  Link to each website considered in your blog.

Answer:  Which sites exemplify sound design ideals?  Why?  Which sites do not adhere to the design elements discussed in this lesson? Why?

  1. IXL– Categories are easy to follow. There is not too many confusing graphics
  2. Georgia Virtual School– Easy course progresses efficiently. There is not too much material on any one page. Easy format to follow
  3. PeriodicVideos– Videos arranged by Periodic Table element. Although it incorporates video technology, font and coloring are not overwhelming. 
  4. Khan Academy – Grouped by course and topic. Font and graphics are perfect fit for any student. 
  5. ChemmyBear– ChemmyBear is a great resource site. It is categorized and uses small graphics to help categorize. Font color and size are the same across the board. Although there is a lot of material, it is organized well. 
  6. Biology Corner– I do like this website, but now, I can see where it would be overwhelming to students. There are many different size fonts, many graphics, and just too much on the homepage. 
  7. Biology Junction– This website does hold good resources, but the layout is not great. It is an improvement of previous looks, but still needs tweaking. Pop-ups occur even with a blocker and the third party picture links steal your eye away from the tabled content. 
  8. Science News for Students – This is a website that students can use for reference. There are tons of graphics and font size. It is overwhelming even for me! 
  9. Extreme Science– I am not familiar with this website. There are different font colors and sizes. As I read through the website homepage, I encountered an ad for online CNA classes mixed in with the content. I would not recommend this website. 
  10. Chemcomics– As you read the description on Google, you think that someone has taken the Periodic Table and designed comics involving each element. This is not the case. The website is poorly designed and looks to be designed in the late 1990s. It has many graphics, fonts, and is not what you may think. It simply describes comic books that contain the element listed. 

Artifact: Provide a screenshot of 2 websites considered to offer a compare and contrast of design elements.

This is a screenshot of a student’s view of Study Island. I love how it is obvious that the student starts at the top and works their way down through the assignments. This can be varied, but students can work through the standards on their own. 

Study Island Screenshot

This is a screenshot of USA Test Prep. I am not a fan of this since it is difficult to tell which area I should work in first. As a new teacher, this can be overwhelming since so much material is available. 

USA Test Prep Screenshot


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