Communicate Reflection

iNacol, the International Association for Online Learning, publishes Standards for Quality Online Teaching.

Consider the following standards:

Standard C:The online teacher plans, designs, and incorporates strategies to encourage active learning, application, interaction, participation, and collaboration in the online environment.
Communicate 2 – News ItemsCommunicate 2 – DiscussionsCommunicate 2 – Synchronous SessionsCommunicate 2 – Differentiation

Standard D:The online teacher promotes student success through clear expectations, prompt responses, and regular feedback.

Communicate 3 – FeedbackCommunicate 3 – Digital FeedbackCommunicate 3 – Rubrics

Standard E: The online teacher models, guides, and encourages legal, ethical, and safe behavior related to technology use.

Communicate 1 – Communication Definitions, Communicate 1 – Communication Guidelines

Standard J: The online teacher interacts in a professional, effective manner with colleagues, parents, and other members of the community to support students’ success.

Communicate 1 – Identify StakeholdersCommunicate 2 – News ItemsCommunicate 2 – Ongoing Communication


Standard K: The online teacher arranges media and content to help students and teachers transfer knowledge most effectively in the online environment.

Communicate 3 – Evaluation MethodsCommunicate 2 – DifferentiationCommunicate 2 – Synchronous Sessions


Answer in a complete paragraph response: How has the Communicate module prepared you to meet each standard listed above? Link to or provide specific examples from your work in Communicate. What strategies will you take away from the Communicate module and apply to your teaching?  What lessons were most beneficial for you??

Many of the skills listed in the Communicate module are ones that I had experience with previously. The activities allowed me to hone my skills. The most beneficial to me was digital feedback. It was something I was aware of, but had not yet practiced it. I particularly like screencasting the student’s work while providing audio feedback. This is something I would definitely use in my traditional classroom. 


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