Communicate 2 – News Items

Answer: As an online instructor, how do you plan to incorporate news items and announcements? What resources would you reference to format news items?

First of all, it is difficult to complete some of the assignments without paying for subscriptions to several programs or having to create accounts to many different programs.  I feel like some of the assignments would be much easier to create in an LMS than as I am trying to do. Alas, I still attempted the News Item. Within an LMS, I would utilize more images and videos that would be embedded and available to all students regardless of their technology device. I would have a separate section to the News with widgets on the first page as a link. 

Artifact: Create an example of a News Item and share the example in your blog. If the News Item includes a video or interactive, please share the link or, better yet, use an embed code.

Welcome to Class!

To have a good understanding about what you will be studying this semester, please follow the link to watch a short video: 

What is Biology?



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