Navigate Reflection

iNacol, the International Association for Online Learning, publishes Standards for Quality Online Teaching.

Consider the following standards:

Standard B:The online teacher understands and is able to use a range of technologies, both existing and emerging, that effectively support student learning and engagement in the online environment.

Navigate 3 – LMS Reporting, Navigate 3- LMS Tool Categories, Navigate 1 – Screen Capture

Standard I:The online teacher demonstrates competency in using data from assessments and other data sources to modify content and to guide student learning.

Navigate 3 – LMS Reporting , Navigate 2 – LMS Trends, Navigate 2 – Tools for Deciding on an LMS

Standard K:The online teacher arranges media and content to help students and teachers transfer knowledge most effectively in the online environment.

Navigate 3- LMS Tool Categories, Navigate 1 – Delineating Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning, Navigate 1 – Synchronous Vendor Market, Navigate 1 – Commercial vs. Open Source Virtual Classrooms

Answer in a complete paragraph response: How has the Navigate module prepared you to meet each standard listed above? Link to or provide specific examples from your work in Navigate. What strategies will you take away from the Participate Navigate module and apply to your teaching?  What lessons were most beneficial for you?

I would have to say exploring the various LMS was beneficial to me. We do not have an LMS at my school, so my experience is limited to Blackboard from college. As we moved through, I also remembered that I worked as a reviewer for a company that created a K-12 LMS with complete courses in 2015. I was not the actual builder of courses. I only reviewed the completed course to make sure it had all the components required. It’s ironic that we don’t have an LMS at my school, but that I have built my courses similar to what is found in LMS modules. Overall, this category of lessons gave me a good idea of what to expect in course building and how I could use each of the tools provided. 


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