Navigate 3 – Course Creation within LMS

Explore: After selecting and downloading a trial LMS, create a course shell and make note of the various tools available.

Create: Then, select content to upload to the course shell. To assist with this process, please refer to the content material delineated below.

The content is titled Introduction to Digital Citizenship. The content is packaged as a chapter or unit of an overall course. To preview the material, please click here. The content is titled Introduction to Digital Citizenship. The zipped package that was previewed is provided as a download by clicking here. Use this content to load into the course shell that you created. Make notes of the steps you followed to do this.

Answer: While the content loads, note the steps completed to fully load the package and make it viewable. What were those steps? Is it important to follow these steps? Write a description of the experience in your blog

For this activity, I used Blackboard’s free LMS, Coursesites. I was familiar with Blackboard from college so I was interested to see how difficult the LMS for K-12 was to manage. I created an account and moved to the second page. On the second page, I had to develop a title and then, it took me to the main page. I browsed through the tools and noticed that it was very easy format to follow. In the introduction, I was able to upload the zipped file provided as well as the weblink that directed students to the GAVS course. I continued to play around with course to add and delete content. I wanted to simply see how everything worked. Again, it was an easy format to follow. I imagine that there could be some hiccups as there is with anything technology-related, but overall, it did not take rocket science to work. 


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