Communicate 2 – Ongoing Communication

Creating a collaborative online community among stakeholders is an essential part of all virtual instruction programs and best practices.

Reflect:  Think about the examples provided throughout this lesson. Identify two highly effective methods of communicating with stakeholders. Create an artifact for each utilizing the resources outlined. 2 artifacts should be included in your blog. Ensure the products are creative, informative, and adheres to FERPA guidelines.

Answer: Why is ongoing communication in the online classroom important? How does the newsletter differ from mandatory communications?

Ongoing communication strives to build a rapport with all stakeholders while reassuring students they are on the right track. The newsletter differs from mandatory communications since it is generic in nature, serves as a reference point, and is usually positive in nature. 

  1. Email: 

Hello students, guardians, and stakeholders!

I hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I just wanted to make sure that everyone is diligently checking their progress. If you are having any trouble, please let me know.  We will be doing some updates to the program early Monday morning around 2 am. Some of the features may not be available at this time. Don’t despair! It will be up and running in perfect order around 5 am. If you have any trouble after that, please feel free to call me. 

Please make sure you check out this week’s newsletter for important dates and a VERY important meeting that you definitely want to attend! Thank you for your participation and I look forward to the remaining of the semester. 


2. Newsletter:

Biology-April 27


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