Communicate 1 – Communication Definitions

Answer: How have your individual communication skills changed as with the innovations in technology? How have advancements in technology altered classroom communication? Will these change further?

My individual communication skills have changed because of availability of written communication. I would rather send an email to address an issue than speak to someone verbally when dealing with someone I don’t know. This gives me time to process what the other person has said. For people I know, I would rather talk in person unless the topic is something that I want documented. I like documentation since it allows me to refer back to the conversation. I would also rather text than call my family since it allows me to complete tasks while also checking in with them. 

Classroom communication has changed both with staff and students. At my school, I speak more with my coworkers through texting, messaging, and email than in person. This allows us to assist each other while causing the least disruption to our classroom. Students love to use their devices to participate in classroom activities. They love to listen to music when working independently and answer questions using devices and websites such as Kahoot! Oftentimes, the students will text each other in the same classroom rather than speak. I feel this trend will continue to grow since social media and the type of communication it offers gives the next generation the illusion that they are never alone. For any adolescent, this is a great fear. 


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