Navigate 2 – Tools for Deciding on an LMS

Explore: Which LMS is best?  Consolidate the information about open and commercial LMS presented in this lesson.  Select your favorite LMS.

Answer: Which LMS is best? How does the selected LMS meet the needs of all stakeholders, including administrators, students, teachers and faculty, instructional technology, development, support, and parents? How does the selected LMS align with the initiatives, growth, and technological needs of your organization?

Best LMS would be a matter of opinion driven by cost and need. The most popular LMS would appear to be Edmodo according to Capterra. I am actually unfamiliar with it and many of the others listed on there. I have heard of Schoology and I am familiar with Blackboard from my college days. I enjoyed Blackboard since assignments were available at my own leisure. I could interact with my fellow students through the discussion board and messaging features. I am not quite sure how accessible the service was for administrators and faculty though.  One LMS I am familiar with is Google Classroom. I know several still argue that it is not an LMS, but it is what we utilize at my school. We are a Google school with all of our students having Chromebooks and school-assigned Google accounts. Google Classroom allows me to assign literature, video, and written works to the students. As Google Classroom continues to expand, more features become available such as the ability to differentiate material for students. There are so many add-ons that are available based on individual teacher need that it is a great service for all of us. Best of all, it’s FREE! As a small school, this service allows us to enter into the realm of technology in an organized fashion. 


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