Navigate 2 – LMS Trends

Explore: Research trends in digital learning and select the trend that will make the most impact on digital learning over the next five years.

Answer: Which trend did you select? How do you foresee this trend impacting online learning?  Will this trend be a learning fad or will it become an essential part of online learning in the future? Explain.

The trend in digital learning that I see having the most impact will be video and virtual reality. As a whole, we are visually inclined. Gaming, tutorials, and data are all presented in a visual manner to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Virtual field trips will bring places and adventures to students who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to see them. Video streaming already allows teachers to reach broader audiences. I look for this field to explode! Video and all the additions that accompany it (streaming, reality, field trips, etc) will revolutionize education in the next five years. Instead of showing students artifacts in a museum, we will be able to take a virtual field trip and video conference with the curator. Instead of visiting the planetarium, I will be able to bring the night sky to my classroom through virtual reality. 


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