Navigate 1 – Synchronous Vendor Market

Explore: Select one of the synchronous vendor applications listed in this lesson. Try-out the application.  Think about how you would use this application to host a live lesson with students.

Answer: What synchronous vendor application/tool did you select? Using the application, what did you experience using the synchronous learning tool? Was the task easy? Challenging? Did the process present problems? Document the responses and general reflections on synchronous learning and the recorded session in your blog.

I chose Google+ Hangouts since I already had a Google account and it was simple a click away. I liked that it has many communities. I teach a variety of classes, so I would be able to utilize several communities in one place. As part of my professional development a couple of weeks ago, our PLC completed a Hangout with a classroom in Delaware. There was some leg work involved in setting up the Hangout (i.e. setting up a specific time). As there was a multitude of people involved, sound quality was not the greatest, but overall, we enjoyed the process. Each class had to provide hints to their location without using specific names so the other side could guess to their location. We had a group of adults versus a group of third graders. It was quite the experience! I feel that using this resource to interview individuals (scientists, politicians, etc) would bring more real-life experience to classrooms that are not always readily available. I also like the fact that many students already have Google accounts so they could utilize this on their cell phones if need be. 


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