Participate 4 – Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Artifact: Formulate a plan for supporting and protecting a Digital Learning Community through Digital Rights and Responsibilities.  Share your plan in your blog.

First, I would want to conduct a small professional development workshop to make sure my fellow teachers understood the rules. I would hate to teach my students only to have a fellow uninformed educator attempt to mislead them. As teachers, we tend to direct our students in the right direction for answers.  We must know what direction to look towards before being asked.  The next step would be to introduce or refresh students’ knowledge regarding copyright laws and related items. This may take place through various ways such as presentation, learning modules, and/or projects.


  1. How can a DLC ensure that citizens within the community have access to an environment where an AUP protects members as well as the community itself, where individuals uphold laws, and a cooperative/collective venture provides robust, safe, and ethical resources and opportunities for learning?

Upon establishing a school DLC, students and staff should be required to read and accept previously designed terms and conditions of the community. If any person breaks the rules, there should be obvious and direct consequences. Other members may have the option of flagging or reporting questionable content.

  1. What is the best way to establish and maintain a flourishing DLC where citizens understand, observe, and are inclined to willingly support and ultimately benefit from Digital Rights and Responsibilities?

The best way to establish a DLC is to start small. It may be that the community is restricted. I would certainly recommend a restricted community in a school environment. This would prevent outsiders from disrupting the environment. I would also recommend that only private messaging would be allowed between the teacher and students for educational purposes. Private messaging between students could invite disaster.



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