Participate 1 – Ideal Digital Learning Communities

The ideal digital learning community would need to be one that served everyone’s needs. It needs to be free. There would need to be categories set-up that allowed users to quickly pinpoint the items they want to discuss. If you happen to be familiar with the mobile app for Reddit, this would be a great sample for organization. I do think that there should be separate sections for parents, teachers, and students. I wouldn’t necessarily want students to be able to access teacher conversations.

In this discussion style community,  media sharing would be welcome. For instance, if I were trying to determine the best way to teach my students a high school standard that focused on covalent bonds, I would love to see examples of how others accomplished the feat. The majority of resources I find are great, but still have to be adapted for my own classroom.

I feel that this would strongly encourage professional learning communities. It would be awesome to have one place where I could engage other Georgia science teachers, but also reach out to other science teachers across the United States. Teachers are also constantly learning.


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