Participate 1 – Joining a DLC

Digital Learning Communities are critical to teaching students in the digital age.  After reviewing several different communities, I joined Discovery Channel’s DLC. I love the fact that so many videos and virtual field trips are available to students. As a science teacher to students of low socioeconomic means, this is a great way to bring science ALIVE for them! The other communities have their benefits, but I truly love the resources this site has available. It is also user-friendly, so I am able to share this resource with fellow educators and have them using it within the day.  The DLC for Discovery focuses more on utilizing the resources available such as virtual field trips. This keeps it simple and ensures my use. More information is a great thing, but too much can earn a bookmark that is never revisited. I would suggest to any DLC developer to keep it simple and organized.


As a side note to instructor:

The instructions for this post is as follows:

Artifact: Share a link to your bookmarks in your blog. (NB. Google bookmarks links are not publically available.  If using Google bookmarks, please include a screenshot of your links in your blog.) After bookmarking three likely DLCs, reflect for a moment on which one of the five is most worthy of joining

Notice the bold words. This may need clarification on whether three or five DLCs need to be bookmarked. I went with three.


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