Read Across America

Read Across America was established in 1997 by the National Education Association. It has been recognized since 1998 on every March 2. This also happens to be Dr.Seuss’s birthday. The goal of Read Across America was to encourage literacy. The ability to read is an important skill that each student needs to be able to do. Read Across America was designed to bring awareness to literacy skills and motivation to read for every individual. How can you participate in Read Across America?

  • Check out the National Education Association website for more information. ( The NEA offers grants and awards to gift diverse book collections to organizations. There is a section that offers the most up to date news involving Read Across America. You can even request the resource calendar for 2016-2017 that contains more information
  • For the younger students, I would suggest checking out They may have trouble understanding the goal of Read Across America, but who could resist Dr.Seuss? They even have a section on the website for Read Across America that offers student checklists and teacher resources
  • Plan a week’s worth of activities for your school or classroom geared around Read Across America. You could ask that students dress up as characters for a particular book on different days. Even teens will participate in dress days. You could also celebrate with an end of the week party for students who had read the most books. This is a great way to get individual goals met. Involve your school librarian or media specialist. They may already have plans to celebrate that you can assist with and add to with your personalized knowledge of your students.
  • Lastly, check out Pinterest. Using their search feature, I was able to find tons of pins of activities and resources that you can use for your Read Across America celebration.

How many of you remember reading Dr.Seuss as a child? I definitely do. I can also remember reading several books a week and winning a contest for doing so. Do you celebrate Read Across America at your school? What type of activities do you have?


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