National Technology Day

Have you ever heard of National Technology Day? It is a fairly new day of recognition so, if you haven’t heard of it, that is okay! National Technology Day is celebrated in the United States on January 6. A technology company, StoAmigo, that is located in Las Vegas founded this day. They wanted to bring attention to all the new endeavors in technology.  2017 will be the second year of observance. Think about technology for your classroom. Hasn’t it changed greatly over the years? I can still remember using an old-style rollcart projector to teach! Now, I’m lost if my Smartboard is having issues. Think about your students. Children are now very tech-savvy. I see elementary-age students using laptops and tablets better than some adults. The reality is technology is here to stay. It will only grow and improve with each passing year. I suggest you observe National Technology Day with your students as a way to recognize how far technology has came! Here are some tips to do so:

  1. Discuss the history of National Technology Day. Have the students to visualize the past and how our ancestors accomplished the same tasks without technology advances. Have some examples ready for the students that will struggle. For instance, how did doctors determine if a patient needed surgery before X Rays and scans?
  2. Ask students to share their favorite applications or technology skills. You may be able to garner their individual interests from this activity that you can use for future knowledge. Better yet, you may find some apps that you can use! I’ve stumbled upon websites to use in my classroom by students sharing their hobbies.
  3. List the strengths and weaknesses of technology. Have students imagine a technology advancement that could solve a modern-day dilemma! I would love to have student desks that could fold up or down depending upon the activity of the day! Remind them that technology doesn’t always have to with a computer. Ideally, technology makes a task quicker or easier.

As an additional activity, you could share with students advancements in technology in the education field. For instance, you could have a hardcopy of a children’s book that could be passed around as well as an eBook of the same story.  Ask them to distinguish similarities and differences of the two books.

Have you ever heard of National Technology Day? If you celebrate it in your classroom, please share your activities and results!


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